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Personal security

Our company provides high quality security services. Our mission is to ensure your safety. We carefully think over security strategies, constantly improve the skills of our employees and expand our geography. The activity of our company meets international standards.

Personal security services

Unfortunately, the crime rate in modern society can hardly be called favorable. Ensuring your security and security of your closed ones is becoming increasingly important and relevant. If you want to protect yourself, your family and friends from any unlawful actions as much as possible, we suggest ordering personal security services. We employ specialists and professional bodyguards, duly qualified to fight, shoot and react fast. List of company services:

  • personal guard for an hour, a day;

  • constant support of a personal bodyguard;

  • driver-guard;

  • child safety protection;

  • VIP security;

  • meeting and accompanying VIP guests.

All basic and additional services are strictly coordinated with the client. Our guards foreign languages, have a high level of medical, legal, and psychological training.

Work specifics

The main task of personal protection is to prevent an attack on a client, to protect his health and life. We practice an integrated approach to this task. We carefully study the client’s environment, draw up safe routes, conduct ongoing monitoring and control of the situation, ensure the detection and elimination of threats. Our company employs qualified bodyguards. Candidates are carefully selected, we check their intellectual abilities, level of stress resistance, physical abilities.

Our bodyguards use well-thought-out protection strategies, anticipate every step and are always ready to strike back to the intruders. Trust your life and health to professionals. Call our manager right now and we will find the best solution for you.

Our advantages

Debugged work system

Loyal pricing system

Professional bodyguards

Foreign language skills

Transparency in the calculations

Employees with experience from 5 years in specialized structures

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