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Conflict resolution

Everybody have their own approach to solving conflict situations. Unfortunately there is a category of people who prefer physical violence to diplomatic methods. If you care about your safety, afraid of being attacked by your ex-husband, competitors or other people, contact our company. Our mission is to ensure the personal security of the client when the conflict is pending in court or other government agencies.

Conflict resolution: main directions

Our company employs qualified professionals who have extensive experience in resolving conflict situations. Due to special knowledge and skills we quickly react to the dangers and prevent negative consequences for the client. We assist in such cases:

  • problematic divorce, disagreement of spouses in the divorce settlement;

  • prosecution by persistent partners who use, among other things, aggressive measures;

  • noisy neighbors who do not respond to your comments;

  • debt obligations arose within the family and you are being chased by collectors;

  • interpersonal conflict between business partners;

  • protection of participants and witnesses of the trial.

Our experts work fully equipped. They are ready for any situations, they always carry a weapon which they are ready to use if necessary. The guards are attentive, have the skills of quick response, quickly find the problem situation, eliminate its provocateur, forestall the threats. We take responsibility for the life and health of our clients and we do things professionally. We have a flexible pricing policy, a wide geography of work, an individual approach, expert advice on any issues. Call us!

Our advantages

Debugged work system

Loyal pricing system

Professional bodyguards

Foreign language skills

Transparency in the calculations

Employees with experience from 5 years in specialized structures

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