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> Security and Support of tourist groups

Security and Support of tourist groups

One of the essential aspects of a successful trip is a sense of security and lack of stress throughout the journey. Whether it is a sightseeing tourism, business trip or a visit of an official delegation, our professionals will provide you with comfort and a justified sense of security.

Unfortunately, criminal elements are prone to show increased attention to tourists, especially to wealthy or those who come from abroad. The loss or theft of valuables or large sums of money can ruin the trip itself, and memories of it. Representatives of business or political delegations are in the double zone of risk.

Our security and support team are ready to provide you with the following services:

Meeting at the airport. Our team is ready to provide you with full support in your chosen city. The head office of our company is located in Moscow, but also the company's branches are located in St. Petersburg, Rostov, Krasnodar and Sochi.

Personal security: The bodyguard will be by your side at all times when you’re exploring the city, visiting museums, shopping centers, nature and other public places.

Safety patrols: Security guards will constantly monitor the hotel complex, conference rooms and other places of your stay.

Accompanying VIP cars: At your request, we will either provide you with our vehicle and driver-bodyguard - or arrange bodyguard services in your own transport.

You wouldn’t have to worry about the communication barrier: our team is fluent in foreign languages. Not only our coordinators, but also bodyguards and drivers have extensive experience in working with guests from abroad in English. The problem of misunderstanding is completely excluded.

Safety on the road or in unfamiliar territory should be taken care of in advance. If you are interested in the services of a personal bodyguard during your trip, please contact us by phone +7 (495) 132-63-02 or order a callback.

Our advantages

Debugged work system

Loyal pricing system

Professional bodyguards

Foreign language skills

Transparency in the calculations

Employees with experience from 5 years in specialized structures

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