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> Accompanying children

Accompanying children

Child safety is the most important thing for parents. Children cannot always protect themselves, assess the situation rationally and avoid danger. If you suspect that your child may be in danger, do not take risks, contact the professionals.

The mission of our company is to ensure your safety and the safety of your closed ones. We will carefully analyze the situation and select the best solution specifically in your case. Our bodyguards will not only protect the child, but also provide him with moral support because they have an eye for child psychology.

Accompanying children: when is it necessary?

We carefully select the guards to accompany the children. Our specialists are physically trained, have the skills of martial arts, work with weapons and impact munition. They take special courses, learn to find an approach to children from different age categories. Personal bodyguard will protect against such hazards as:

  • kidnapping for the purpose of blackmailing or obtaining material benefits;

  • bullying by classmates, racketeering and hooliganism by high school students;

  • negative impact of harmful and potentially dangerous people (fraudsters, perverts, pedophiles, etc.);

  • juvenile period when children tend to commit rash actions.

Contact our company and we will ensure your child’s security without limiting his freedom and without psychological discomfort. We have experienced professionals who are thoroughly trained. Our bodyguards are responsible for the performance of their duties. You can order accompanying of a child in the open form or under cover. All details are agreed directly during the interview with the client. We take into account all your requirements and wishes. We have no sample solutions, we practice only an individual approach.

Our advantages

Debugged work system

Loyal pricing system

Professional bodyguards

Foreign language skills

Transparency in the calculations

Employees with experience from 5 years in specialized structures

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