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VIP service

VIP service, you can order your bodyguard on two or more cars. Primary and car cover. As an escort, transfer to the airport or to a business meeting.

Our cars

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The flagship series of executive cars of the German company Mercedes-Benz. It represents the most significant line of models in the hierarchy of trademark classes.

mb1.jpg mb2.jpg mb3.jpg mb4.jpg

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Maybach

The car of the highest stage premium segment. Mercedes Maybach is one of the most popular models for transportation VIP persons. Luxury and automotive refinement, the highest level of safety and characteristics dynamics. Even the most severe critics agree, Mercedes Maybach - the epitome of luxury and safety.

may1.JPG may2.JPG may3.JPG may4.JPG

Mercedes-Benz V-Class

The best in class! Indispensable for delegations and business trips. Spacious, reliable, comfortable minivan Mercedes V-Class. Choosing this car, you will never regret your choice!

mercedes-v-class-brabus-138-0_L.jpg q-85_w-1800_5817715d46d6f8_45657079.jpg

Mercedes-Benz G63

Adored by connoisseurs of luxury and excellence, Mercedes G-class (Gelendwagen) is the embodiment beauty and brutality, power and reliability! Undeniable superiority on the way to the car provides twin-turbo AMG V8 engine and years established status.


Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Legend on wheels Toyota Land Cruiser 200. This is the embodiment of reliability, brutality and solidity. The lovely car of representatives of the security business overall dimension.


Audi A6

The combination of exceptional dynamics and economy with a stylish design, maximum accuracy of innovative technologies, emphasized elegance in each line, harmony of form and functionality and progressive solutions.


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